RivaBella Featuring a Night of Mangalitsa Pork Dishes

Mangalitsa pig at New Jersey's Mosefund farm
Mangalitsa pig at New Jersey's Mosefund farm Photo: Mosefund Mangalitsa

Mangalitsa, the woolly-haired, Hungarian heritage hog breed prized for its high and flavorful fat content, has been making further inroads into the U.S. this year, with recent features in Time and The L.A. Times, who found Mangalitsa being sold at The Santa Monica Farmer’s Market from a San Diego ranch. This Thursday, Gino Angelini will prepare several pork dishes at West Hollywood’s RivaBella using an entire Mangalitsa pig sourced from New Jersey’s Mosefund farm, served until the supply runs out.

Angelini will prepare the pig in dishes like a $100 six-ounce roast loin with black truffles and barley tortino and a $40 plate of guanicale-wrapped shrimp, lardo and uni crostini, and pancetta and calabrese with olives and roasted peppers. So it’s there, but it will cost you. Reservations for Angelini’s Mangalitsa night can be found at 310-278-2060.