Bacon-Themed Restaurant Rewards Customers Who Run Around Like Pigs

Pigs don't technically sweat, but whatever.
Pigs don't technically sweat, but whatever. Photo: Rashers/Facebook

Toronto restaurant Rashers, which calls itself “North America’s First Dedicated Bacon Sandwich Shop” and specializes in about ten kinds of porky sandwiches and a just couple of sides (including the ominous-sounding “Bacon & Sauce”), has unveiled a revolutionary, fitness-minded incentive program: Any customer who presents evidence of having completed a pig-shaped route on a biking or running smartphone app is entitled to 30 percent off any sandwich. That’s nice and all, but it turns out that the chain also posts flyers on lamp posts around town with tear-off bacon “strips,” each of which can be redeemed for a 100 percent free sandwich. [Rashers/Facebook]