Radler and D.A.S. Have a Home: Milwaukee Ave.

Nathan Sears
Nathan Sears Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

With so many big openings having happened toward the end of last year and the beginning of this one, we admit we’re at a bit of a loss when people ask us what’s coming next that we’re looking forward to. There’s OON, and there’s Kabocha, and… um… damn. Well, here’s one we’re definitely looking forward to, and it just got a lot closer to being real with an address: Dish reports that Radler and D.A.S., the two-headed approach to reinventing German food from Nathan Sears, the longtime #2 and sausagemeister of Vie, will be at 2375 N. Milwaukee. a previously enigmatic location whose only outward indication of anything is a sign that says “enter” and points to the southeast. As noted before, there are two distinct concepts happening here— Radler will be a good-sized seasonal German-ish restaurant, and D.A.S. will be a tiny 10-seat space inside it offering tasting menus a few nights a week, making it the second restaurant after EL Ideas in what must surely be the oddest trend ever in Chicago restaurant naming— tiny tasting menu restaurants named for definitive articles in other languages. When the restaurant itself will become a definite article, remains to be announced. [Dish]