Lawsuit Alleges Musical Protestors Trashed Dishes Restaurant

"When I say tuba, you say malevolence!"
"When I say tuba, you say malevolence!"Photo: Bettmann/CORBIS

What was likely intended to be a quasi-tuneful protest against alleged wage violations at Dishes in midtown last week devolved into cacophony, trash-hurling, and now a lawsuit, DNAinfo reports. “Up to 40 people equipped with cymbals, drums, trombones and a tuba crashed through the front doors,” the site reports, including scores affiliated with the group 99 Pickets. (Sinbad, the legendary Coast Guard dog pictured here, was not among the protestors.) The lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court by the restaurant’s corporate parent alleges one protestor grabbed and assaulted a customer, while others blocked the restaurant’s exits and dumped “5-7 large bags of garbage into the middle of 45th Street.” Echoing similar events staged outside the now-shuttered Saigon Grill, the March 13 tuba-fest was the first of a series of now-daily protests at Dishes. [DNAinfo, Earlier]