Pizzeria Beddia Opening Wednesday on East Girard Avenue

Joe Beddia putting the finishing touches on one of his pizzas.
Joe Beddia putting the finishing touches on one of his pizzas. Photo: Joe Beddia

Keep your eyes peeled for Pizzeria Beddia opening this week. Owner-pizzaiolo Joe Beddia, who tossed pies at Osteria, Zavino and Pizza Brutta in Madison, WI before heading out on his own, has quietly been turning out pizzas for friends and passersby on and off for almost a full week at his new Fishtown post. He told Grub that he will make it all official on Wednesday, March 20, but more than likely will continue test-firing his decidedly American pizzas in the days running up to the big debut. The tiny shop at the corner of East Girard Ave. and Shackamaxon is equipped with a brick-lined Montague deck oven, and not much else. No seats, no slices, and no other dishes.

Beddia plans to serve just a small handful of pizzas — plain, topped with housemade sausage, pickled hot peppers, crimini mushrooms, and salame — all constructed on a foundation of meticulously proofed and fermented (for several days) dough, Jersey Fresh tomatoes, fresh and low-moisture whole milk mozzarella (both also imported from the Garden State), and extra-virgin California olive oil. Out for the oven, each pie is finished with grated gouda cheese from Hidden Hills Dairy. Early reports are promising. If Beddia continues to deliver, this could be a game-changer for Philly’s pizza scene.

Pizzeria Beddia, 115 E. Girard Ave., no phone yet.