Pippa Middleton Presents Omelette Sushi and Duck Roll Recipes in First Magazine Column

Friday is the only proper night to feast.
Friday is the only proper night to feast. Photo: Waitrose

Your pretend-BFF Pippa is continuing her charitable mission to help commoners throw better parties. In her first “Friday Night Feast” column for Waitrose Kitchen magazine, she offers keen insight as to why Friday is a better night than Saturday to host friends: “Fridays, of course, hold the promise of the weekend but also, being far enough away from pre-Monday melancholy, feel freer … All of which is why Friday, rather than Saturday, is the night to feast!” We’d be so lost without her knowledge. She also offers easy-to-make Asian recipes that require “no Chinatown trips” (the horror!), which include Vietnamese spring rolls, hoisin duck rolls, omelette sushi, and tangerine-and-sake jellies — plus a ginger mojito. Critics say her “feast,” which is really just a few small starters, isn’t enough to feed hungry adults. As if that’s her social crowd. [Cut, Cut, Daily Mail UK]