Looks Like Philadelphia’s Zahav May Come to Visit Momofuku

Hole in one, too?
Hole in one, too? Photo: Momofuku

We love restaurant swaps, pop-ups, and roving mixologist-magicians as much as the next blog, but nothing’s finer than a good old-fashioned temporary residency, the restaurant takeover as a one-night-stand. Momofuku Long Play is now hinting that some such event will go down at Ssäm Bar on April 9, and it sure looks a lot like Philadelphia chef Michael Solomonov will bring Zahav to New York. “Stay tuned,” they say. We will, in part because we all know what happened the last time a Momofuku restaurant brought in a guest chef. Anyhow, if Zahav is on its way for a one-night engagement, here’s hoping (and wishin,’ and prayin,’ too) that Federal Donuts will come along for the ride. [Momofuku Long Play, Earlier]