Osso Steakhouse, From the Dal Bozzo Clan, Getting Close on Nob Hill

The new restaurant, at the base Gramercy Towers on Nob Hill.
The new restaurant, at the base Gramercy Towers on Nob Hill.

Late last year we learned of the arrival of Osso Steakhouse (1177 California Street at Jones), a new venture from Jerry Dal Bozzo and the Dal Bozzo clan, who are also behind tourist favorites The Stinking Rose, the Franciscan, and the recently revamped Old Clam House. They also were formerly the owners of Boboquivari’s, the Italian steakhouse on Lombard, and as we discover today, they’ve basically copied the entire website of Bobo’s (with sections on The Steak and The Crab) for the new Osso website, and added the tagline “It’s Osso Good!”

Curiously, Jennifer Dal Bozzo told the Scoop in December that the impetus for opening Osso was that they were “running out of room at Bobo’s [and] needed a larger location,” even though Boboquivari’s chef-owner Andrea Froncillo was quick to point out that the Dal Bozzo’s were no longer affiliated with the restaurant. (But we will wager the menu at Osso’s will look a lot like this.)

The space is in the base of a residential tower on Nob Hill and was formerly home to a slew of restaurants, most notably Vanessi’s (which closed in 1997), but more recently The Californian, Sparrow, Watergate, and Gramercy Grill.

As at Bobo’s, they promise dry-aged steak at Osso, aged off-premises for four to six weeks to their “rigid specifications.” And the “Osso-style” porterhouse will be served as separate components, the filet and the New York steak, to insure that neither is overcooked.

We note today that the liquor license has come through, and the opening appears to be imminent, though we could not reach a live person to give us a definitive date. Reservations are not yet live either. Stay tuned.

Osso Steakhouse - 1177 California Street at Jones - 415-771-6776 - Opening soon.

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