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Noma Won’t Serve You Nespresso Coffee, So There

The invasion of the pod people continues.

The invasion of the pod people continues.Photo: Melissa Hom

Last week, Grub Street looked into why, exactly, 30 percent of the world's top-tiered, Michelin-starred restaurants are using Nespresso — the number is growing — while Noma in Copenhagen announced it would go all-out on its in-house coffee program, with deluxe beans brewed and decanted into hand-blown glass carafes. Coffee expert and writer Oliver Strand reads the beans: "Pod coffee runs directly counter to what makes a Michelin-starred restaurant so magnificent," he writes, though RenĂ© Redzepi tells him he suspects Noma's staff gets the most out of its sophisticated brew program. And maybe pod coffee isn't the absolute worst thing that could happen to a high-end restaurant. "If I’m to be honest," writes Strand, "I never order coffee at the end of a knockdown meal." [Sprudge, Earlier]


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