More on New Restaurant Openings: Ruxbin’s New Place is Called Mott Street, Parson’s Has a Chef


We mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the Ruxbin team had taken over the MC Bistro space on Ashland, and followed Chicago in describing it as having a Filipino influence. We shortly got a note from the team saying it wouldn’t be Filipino, and now Time Out tells us it won’t be Korean, either. What we do know, we’re pretty sure, is that it will be called Mott Street, which is both a main street in New York’s Chinatown and a pun on the fact that the Korean word for “taste” is pronounced like “mott,” and it will be “night market” food, which we get the feeling is about to become 2013’s answer to “street food,” since this is the second time we’ve used it today. (The other time was in regards to Fête Chicago, which just happens to be where they’ll be previewing the food.) [TOC]

And there’s a little more info about Parson’s Chicken & Fish, which we mentioned yesterday, courtesy of a followup release this morning. It’s going to be a night market! No, just kidding, although “street food” is in there. There will be everything from “typical chicken and fish joint offerings” to seasonal menus reflecting a range from from coastal to soul food influences. The chef will be Hunter Moore, whose past experience includes Girl & The Goat and Nightwood. Again, your chance to find out more, particularly by tasting, will be Fête Chicago.