Bears Break Into Monrovia Home To Eat Chinese Food

"Should I go for Hangzhou or Chongqing cuisine tonight?"
"Should I go for Hangzhou or Chongqing cuisine tonight?" Photo: G. Frank Peterson/Flickr

Meatball, the bear who captured our hearts while terrorizing Glendale’s garbage cans, may be locked in an ursine Supermax now after going one Happy Meal over the line. But the legend lives on today in two new northeast bears with a keen nose for people-food. Yesterday, a large brown bear entered a Monrovia home through its doggy door, scaring the life out of owner Justin Lee and destroying his kitchen. Showing himself to be a true San Gabrielino, the bear bee-lined it for a plate of Chinese food that Lee’s mom had left out for him to eat, before joining a smaller bear over a bowl of dog food on the front lawn. By the time authorities came to break up the feast, the two bears had already hoofed it outta there, most likely in search of dessert after inexplicably feeling hungry again just an hour later. [KTLA]