Monica Eng Talks Pickling and Bubbling With Sandor Katz

Photo: Alex Garcia/Tribune

Sandor Katz is one of those people who seems synonymous with an entire field— not that he’s the only one pickling and fermenting things, far from it, but he preaches that gospel like nobody else. He’ll be here doing a program on fermenting as part of the Good Food Festival on Saturday, and Monica Eng talks to him in today’s Trib, especially about the fear of pickled stuff which he considers basically unfounded:

“If these foods were intrinsically dangerous, we would not be here talking about this today,” he says. “It was only 100 years ago that people even began to have the ability to keep food under 40 degrees. … The great paradox is that everyone’s favorite foods are products of fermentation, but because we have been indoctrinated to fear bacteria, this group of very safe foods are those that people are most afraid of.”