Distinguished Momofuku All-Stars Reunite on April 1

They're getting the band back together.
They're getting the band back together. Photo: Melissa Hom

It’s not a Momo-backed event, but four of Noodle Bar’s “O.G. cooks” will convene at Joaquin Baca’s Brooklyn Star on April 1 to cook a four-course menu. Baca will be joined by Kevin Pemoulie, Tim Maslow, and Scott Garfinkel in the kitchen. The evening is being described as a “night to reunite the original Noodle Bar cooks and pay homage to their paths that began there together.” Snacks and desserts will be served, and a cocktail and wine pairing will also be available. Tickets are $65; more information and reservations can be had by e-mailing OGchefsreuniondinner@gmail.com Get ready to party like it’s 2004, when strange little food miracles were starting to happen on First Avenue. [Earlier]