Now You Can Watch the Michel Bras Documentary Step Up to the Plate From Your Sofa

It's like nature on a plate.
It's like nature on a plate. Photo: Courtesy Cinema Guild

Sure, Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a great, inspirational food movie and all, but why not let that Jiro guy get some sleep for a change and turn your attention to Step Up to the Plate, which follows legendary French chef Michel Bras as he hands over the kitchen at his restaurant to his son? Sébastien, it turns out, has his own ideas about food; high jinks, Michelin stars, and the most beautiful plates of salad you’d ever hope to see ensue. The 2012 documentary, also known as Entre les Bras, comes out on DVD and iTunes today. It may help you make dinner, or at least make you wish your dad had a stronger opinion about your cooking. [iTunes, Earlier]