Micah Wexler Returns: Launching Umamicatessen’s New Guest Chef Concept This Thursday

The Residency
The Residency Photo: Umamicatessen

We were just sitting here, still being all sad about losing Micah Wexler’s modern Mediterranean restaurant, Mezze, last October, when word landed in our inbox that the chef is back. Umamicatessen is now hosting a guest chef series called The Residency that will find different talents from across The States rotating through its Downtown kitchen. Wexler officially launches the series this Thursday, March 14, with a menu called “Live and Dine in L.A.” Sure, the name straight up gaffols the title of Angeleno’s summer tasting event, but we’ll all forgive the chef in time as he uses the menu to launch a culinary exploration of the city’s “varied neighborhoods, cultures, and time periods.”

The Residency will takeover one of Umamicatessen’s kiosk stations every Thursday night, only serving twelve diners each night at a chef’s table for $45, with the additional $22.50 option of wine pairings. Wexler initially plans a ten week stay, but may stick around a while. Either way, it’s nice to see the chef back in action.

Reservations at Umamicatessen, 213-413-8626.