Miae Lim Leaving Japonais, To Launch New Venture With Mirai Chef


Miae Lim isn’t quite a household name among food fans, but as a partner in Japonais and the owner of Mirai, she’s been at the forefront of of high-end sushi and Japanese food in Chicago for the last decade and more. Now, as a new generation of haute Japanese spots open, including Sumi Robata Bar from former Japonais chef Gene Kato and the pricey Gold Coast Masaki, Lim is taking her empire, shaking the pieces up, and planning something new for the first time in a decade. She has sold her interest in Japonais, and plans to open a new restaurant with Mirai chef Jun Ichikawa in the Gold Coast. Reports on Masaki have been mixed even as it seems to have attracted an audience for genuinely high end sushi, so if she plans to enter that market, sushi knives at the ready, that’s good news for sushi fans hoping for the high end of the market to continue to expand. [Tribune]