Meet The Stars of Tomorrow at Zagat

Photo: courtesy Zagat

We could run lists sent to us by people all day long, which is why we maintain a fairly high standard and don’t just race breathlessly to tell you that in the opinion of some people from New York, Chicago has been declared one of the 10 best places to eat pizza, after Woonsocket and Parsippany. Here’s a list that will actually tell you something you don’t already know: it’s Zagat’s second annual 30 Under 30 list, of up-and-comers on the Chicago culinary scene, which was announced at a glitzy party at Nellcôte last night. There are some we know and have covered, from Thai Dang of Embeya to Adrienne Lo of Fat Rice to Thomas Raquel of Acadia. There are some we are pretty sure we’re going to hear more of— Billy Sunday chef John Vermiglio, for instance, is perfectly poised for media ubiquity any day now. And there are just a whole lot we may have vaguely heard of, or not, but it’s good to have a field guide for who they are. Check it out; you’ll be hearing more about most of them, we’re sure.