McDonald’s Sausage Double Beef Burger Is Real, But Why?

Oh, look. Mustard.
Oh, look. Mustard. Photo: Brand Eating

This shocking concoction of two patties, a double dose of sausage, and an emulsified mustard squiggle served on “what looks to be a pretzel hamburger bun” now sold at McDonald’s China for the low, low price of 17.5 yuan at first just seems to be the latest volley in the weird, postmodern arms race playing out in global fast food ludicrousness. (The sausage double beef burger is an “Example of How This Century Belongs to China,” notes Gawker.) Brand Eating points out this new beast is basically a one-up of the German Nuremburger, but really, like so many hot-dog-stuffed pizza crusts and Vader-burgers already indicated, we’re headed down a bleak path of mutually assured franchise destruction. Did we not learn anything from WarGames? The only winning move is not to play. [Brand Eating via Gawker, Related]