McDonald’s Wants to Fool You Into Thinking Egg-White McMuffins Are Healthy

The Egg White Delight
The Egg White Delight Photo: McDonald's

While Taco Bell announces it’s been selling a million Doritos tacos per day, McDonald’s is falling all over itself to come up with its next big hit. Following its ill-fated steps into Fish McBites, Chicken Selects, and salads, the Golden Arches will roll out a version of the Egg McMuffin this April that only uses egg whites on an all-wheat bun. Sound healthy? Eh, sort of.

The new “Egg White Delight” (imagine having to say that out loud when you order it) still features Canadian bacon and white cheddar and really only carries about 50 fewer calories than its fatty big brother. Still, the chain will make this new yolkless model (wherein the whites are actually griddled and not nuked) available in all of its breakfast sandwiches.

McDonald’s Rolling Out Egg White Delight McMuffin Nationwide April 22 [Daily Meal]