Former Masa Bookkeeper Sentenced to Year in Prison

The scene of the crime.
The scene of the crime. Photo: Mark Peterson

Rafael Thomas, the 41-year-old former Masa bookkeeper who was indicted in January for allegedly stealing approximately $100,000 from the restaurant between January 1, 2011 and February 1 of last year — with $52,000 of that going toward “live Internet adult entertainment” — pleaded guilty in Manhattan Supreme Court this morning and was sentenced to a year in jail, the Post reports. Within months after he started at the high-end restaurant, the Bronx resident gave himself an $18,000 raise, skimmed hundreds from the emergency cash box, and even added 80 hours of vacation pay to his regular salary. Prosecutors said Thomas used the cash to fuel his addiction to pay-site Internet porn. If he is able to get a job after his release from jail, the paper reports, his assets will be garnished until the $100K is repaid. [NYP, Earlier]