Marcus Samuelsson Talks JFK Airport Restaurants

Doesn't use a stylist! OMG!
Doesn't use a stylist! OMG! Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The number of Marcus Samuelsson press releases that come in on any given day is astounding. When the guy’s not leading an Earth Day panel, hosting the Specialty Food Association’s award show, hanging with Bon Jovi, organizing a dinner with Bing, and accepting a nomination for a James Beard Award, he’s styling his scarves. Samuelsson’s latest project is opening two restaurants in JFK Airport’s Delta terminal. One will serve American cuisine, and the other international street food. So why’d he decide to sign on, aside from his desire for more attention? “You should be able to have a good meal when you come to an airport,” he told Bloomberg. “We’ve all been there — stranded and the food is horrible. As we’re getting smarter in society we’re getting further away from basic things. I can eat very well on a train in India because there’s someone serving home-cooked food. But if I’m in the U.S.?” We’re sure that Samuelsson and his team will be at JFK themselves, cooking the food in person. [Earlier, Earlier, Bloomberg, Earlier]