Maison To Close, Drohomyreckys Leaving Eggy’s in Benton Place


Steve Dolinsky tweeted some unfortunate news: Streeterville French restaurant Maison Brasserie is closing as of March 30th, while its sibling Eggy’s Diner will be taken over by its landlord in the Benton Park development where it’s located. Co-owner Sue Kim-Drohomyrecky will go to Lettuce Entertain You in a management position at Mon Ami Gabi; no word on the plans of her husband Peter Drohomyrecky or chef Perry Hendrix.

It’s an unfortunate ending, for now at least, to the ownership careers of the Drohomyreckys, who closed their original restaurant, Custom House, in October after a successful seven-year run. Maison enjoyed similar praise, but the gamble on the newly developed Benton Place location (in the shadow of the Aqua building just north of Millennium Park) didn’t pay off; we’re sure it’s charming to live overlooking the park in the center, and in theory it was a prime location close to dense downtown populations, but getting into the area via the somewhat obscure Lakeshore East street grid was next to impossible for newcomers, and both restaurants wound up seeming well-kept secrets.