Tsai Calls The Forge ‘The American Pizzeria We’ve Been Waiting For’

The Forge
The Forge Photo: Grub Street

We’ve already raved about The Forge, and put it on our Top Ten Pizza Spots in the Bay Area, but now Luke Tsai of the East Bay Express offers up the first official print-media rave for the place. He calls it “the American pizzeria we’ve all been waiting for,” and loves everything from the California-inflected Margherita, with local mozzarella and marjoram on top (basil is out of season), to the deep-fried cheese curds and the stand-in for potato skins, which are really twice-baked potatoes with Taleggio “cheese whiz.” His only complaints: The bottoms of a few of the specialty pizzas came out overly charred, and he finds the desserts “pretty uninspired.” [EBX]