Ludo Hires Renée Everett From The Taste

Everett and Lefebvre
Everett and Lefebvre Photo: The Taste

Renée Everett, who was booted during the first episode of The Taste, got the surprise of her life when Ludo Lefebvre cried out, “Don’t walk away Renee,” and hired her to work at his forthcoming Hollywood restaurant, a collaboration with the chef-owners of Animal called Trois Mec. Already, the restaurant is reported to have Animal manager Ashley Ragovin and Pigg chef Doug Rankin on-board.

Following the Chicago-based chef’s dismissal on television, Lefebvre offered her a job on air then flew her out to L.A. for a three-day stage. Now HuffPo spies the young chef making a move to the West Coast to work at the soon-to-open restaurant, in a yet-to-be-defined role. “I was completely shocked and surprised,” she tells the blog. “Did this actually happen to me?” [HuffPo]