Longman & Eagle & Chicken & Fish


In some ways the real story here is that the online food media’s bread and butter— OMG THE LATEST NEWS OF RESTAURANT OPENINGS— is spreading to TV audiences, too; this morning on Windy City Live, Heather Sperling announced the impending opening of Parson’s Chicken & Fish, a new… we guess you’d call it a hipster take on a fish and chicken shack, from the Longman & Eagle team. (Judging by the shots of the audience, we’re guessing that the name “Longman & Eagle” didn’t mean a lot to them, but whatever.) The location is Armitage and Humboldt, and given the influence that L&E; had in making Logan Square such a hot destination, odds are this is big news for that neighborhood’s future. Sperling describes the space as “beautiful” and talked about food that ranged from straightforward (fried fish) to the typical artful-culture-mashup of our time (chorizo clam chowder). [Windy City Live]