Lockwood in Palmer House Undergoing Facelift

Photo: courtesy Lockwood

Lockwood in the Palmer House Hilton has been elegant since its debut in 2008… whether it’s been as inviting as it could be is another matter. The luxe white-and-smoked-mirrors look and the fact that it half-extends into the lobby have made it great to look at but a little hard to love at times. With that in mind, it closed for a few days yesterday to get a facelift, adding warmer tones to the room, dialing down the posh a little and amping up the glitz— particularly with a color-changing LED system behind the bar. They’re also adding about 20 seats to make the room feel busier and livelier. All this is by way of giving a fresh start to the food of new chef Joseph Rose, who came over from Sixteen in late 2012. The restaurant will reopen the weekend of April 6.

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