Leslie Sbrocco Wishes Check, Please! Could Be Less Controlled, a Little Drunker


Leslie Sbrocco, the affable host of KQED’s Check, Please! Bay Area, actually has a very hard time keeping her opinions to herself on the show when one of the armchair critics at the table says something way off base about a restaurant she loves. “You should see how hard it is sometimes,” she says in a new interview, just a month before the show’s eighth season premieres on April 11. “I’m smiling but really thinking, ‘Are they crazy?’” She also says, if she had her way, the show would be a lot looser and more fun. “I’d LOVE to actually be my wild, opinionated self who shows a little more cleavage, drinks wine with the guests (maybe do the occasional shot of tequila), and generally be less controlled. That would be fun, but don’t think it’s going to happen.” [KQED, Earlier]