April Bloomfield, Laura Maniec Named Among ‘40 Under 40’ by Crain’s

Coming to a city near you?
Coming to a city near you? Photo: Melissa Hom

Restaurateur Laura Maniec runs on a lot of both fresh and fermented juice, which is appropriate for her role as the owner of Corkbuzz Wine Studio in the West Village. Crain’s reports that the business turned a profit in its first year, and has just named the master sommelier one its “40 Under 40,”. The seemingly indefatigable 33-year-old is now looking at expansion, and there may well be many more Corkbuzzes in our wine-drinking future. “We want this to be a brand in major cities,” she says, “a great place with food and wine.” Sounds great. Also on the list this year: A little-known chef who’s really starting to make a name for herself, April Bloomfield. [Crain’s, Earlier]