Korean Food Comes To Chinatown With Ahjoomah’s Apron


Chicago may not have the biggest Chinatown, but we do have two of them within the city limits— the original South Side one dating back to the early 20th century and remains strongly Chinese, and the north side one on Argyle Street which was founded by breakaway Chinese in the 1970s, but soon filled with Vietnamese boat people and today is home to a diverse mix of Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai businesses. Now Chinatown will gain a little diversity: DNA Info has the story of Ahjoomah’s Apron, which recently opened at 218 W. Cermak, bringing Korean food to the neighborhood for the first time (that we know of, anyway). It’s the work of Bridgeport resident Mickie Lee, who missed food from the northside Koreatown (on west Lawrence); the name comes from the term ahjoomah—”a Korean term of endearment for a married, middle-age woman — in this case, one who politely and motherly nags you to keep eating.” [DNAInfo]