Kitchit Offers New Way To Do a Pop-Up At Your Place


Here’s an interesting idea that could just take off; it’s from Kitchit Chicago, who we’ve mentioned before as a creator of interesting events involving high-end chefs. In this case it’s called Go Dutch, and it’s basically a way for you to go in with some friends on a dinner party or event catered by one of the chefs in Kitchit’s orbit, who include the likes of Rick Gresh (Primehouse), Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark, or… a number of caterers. But the equally important part, perhaps, is the how-you-don’t-get-screwed-by-your-friends part— they collect the money from everybody for you, so the party doesn’t happen till everybody ponies up. Anyway, to us it sounds like more than just a party— it’s a pop-up, that doesn’t actually require you knowing how to cook anything. Check it out here.