Keith McNally’s Schiller’s Liquor Bar Cocktail Collection Comes Out This Fall

Handy reference guide.
Handy reference guide. Photo: Clarkson Potter

Cocktail manuals of the past tended to be pocket guides, designed for quick and easy reference, and while Dave Wondrich’s forthcoming Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails promises to be so exhaustive in size you’ll be able to kill with it, Keith McNally’s forthcoming Schiller’s Liquor Bar Cocktail Collection seems to be the kind of throwback, compact bartender book you’d keep tucked between the Fernet and the Old Overholt. We’ll have to wait until October to find out just how many recipes fit into the four-volume set, which checks in at a reported 96 pages. While we know McNally himself tends to opt for a nice, chill Beaujolais, the restaurateur’s now ten-year-old Schiller’s Liquor Bar has nonetheless come to signify a new high point in drinking culture, even if it always did bill itself as a “low life bar and restaurant.” [Random House via Eater, Earlier]