Oops! Inspectors Find 57 Tons of Contraband Mutton at French Beef Warehouse

Run away, little lamb!
Run away, little lamb! Photo: iStockphoto.com

What’s that you say, French veterinary inspectors? You found what in our warehouse? Oh, those 57 tons of illegal, mechanically scraped mutton in our freezer — oh, no, that’s not ours — it belongs to a friend, the Cyprus-based Draap Trading company. We’re Spanghero SAS, after all — we don’t sell counterfeit meat. Of course we know that using that mechanically separated, bone-scraped industrial pasty meat nastiness has been illegal throughout Europe since 2001 because of its association with prion diseases! You believe us? Oh, great. It’ll never happen again. Oh, and hey, you hungry? We’ll grill you a burger on your way out. [WSJ, Earlier]