Ikea Brings New, Improved, Horse-Free Meatballs to Europe Stores

Put a Swedish flag on it.
Put a Swedish flag on it. Photo: Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar/Flickr

After discovering its beef and pork meatballs were also made with some minced contraband horsemeat, Ikea announced it has cleaned house, overhauled its supply chain, and reintroduced tasty Swedish meatballs to some stores in Europe. More than half of the flat-pack furniture chain’s meat suppliers have been fired, and under the new system each batch of raw meat will be DNA tested, at least for the time being. A representative indicated that while they haven’t yet totally figured out how to do it, Ikea will eventually have traceability standards in place that allow them to follow the meat from “farm to fork.” Now if they could only get China to take a delivery of their bacteria-laden chocolate-almond cake. [Reuters, Earlier, Related]