Ice Cream Lab Brings Liquid Nitrogen Scoops to Beverly Hills, Friday March 15

Mural by L.A.'s legendary Man One
Mural by L.A.'s legendary Man One Photo: Ice Cream Lab

Thanks to all those mad molecular chefs out there, Beverly Hills will soon be the new owner of a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop. Ice Cream Lab is opening its first store next Friday, coming from owners Joseph Lifschutz and Tommy Ngan. The gimmick concept sees so-called “lab techs” turning ingredients into instant ice cream and shakes using a freezing cold draft of liquid nitrogen, much like the cocktails at The Bazaar, with the idea that ice cream frozen instantly in front of your eyes is better than the pre-chilled stuff. Yep, first hot smoothies, now this.

Ice Cream Lab will carry four flavors with cream, custard, and yogurt bases, in addition to some seasonal specials.The team has tastes like cinnamon apple pie topped with graham cracker, blue velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing, and a salt lick crunch with caramel, sea salt, and pretzel pieces, offered at five and six bucks for a medium and large sizes, and six or seven dollars for shakes.

So far, it kind of makes Coldstone’s chilled tablet look rather stone-age, but we’ll have to see how it all shakes out when Ice Cream Lab debuts at noon next Friday.

Ice Cream Lab, 9461 S Santa Monica Blvd. Beverly Hills; 310-795-6505.