Taco Bell’s U.K. Locations Also Sold Horsemeat

Order the chicken.
Order the chicken.

More bad news: Less than a week after Birds Eye withdrew tainted chili con carne from institutions throughout Britain, and Ikea announced it recalled Swedish meatballs in the U.K. because they had been contaminated with horsemeat, the Food Standards Agency announced that beef samples taken from Taco Bell’s three United Kingdom locations had tested positive for horse DNA in the newest round of lab tests conducted on food, the BBC reports.

“Once we learned of this issue,” a company spokesperson told the BBC, “we immediately voluntarily tested our product for our three Taco Bell restaurants in the U.K.” After one of its suppliers’ meat tested positive for equine DNA, the company says it immediately removed all beef products from its kitchens and promptly reported its lab results to the FSA.

The latest findings would suggest that horsemeat will be found in the food supply chain throughout Europe for some time. Yesterday it was announced, for example, that Ikea had extended its recall to include sausages after internal tests returned “a few indications of horse meat.”

Horsemeat scandal: Four new products test positive