The Unbelievable Truth About Honeycrisp Apples

Sweet and innocent.
Sweet and innocent. Photo: Corbis

They weren’t engineered with spliced salmon genes in a test tube, nor have they ever benefited from a marketing board of string-pulling executives, nonetheless, Eat Like a Man explains, the Honeycrisp has become a hit “grassroots phenomenon” with a cult following of apple eaters and a price tag that puts Granny Smiths’ to shame. Because of demand, FreshDirect carries them but the profit margin is low, which gives the Honeycrisp diva status. All apples must eventually meet their corer, however, and a new contender called the SweeTango, the Esquire blog reports, is nearly ready for its major (fruit) label debut. Tart news, but also sweet. [Eat Like a Man/Esquire]