Watch Heidi Klum Seduce a Carl’s Jr. Bourbon Burger

Klum Photo: YouTube

Carl’s Jr. is sticking to its formula. Every time the chain launches a new menu item, it comes strapped with a soft-core clip of some fetishsized model pawing, licking, and nibbling on its buns. Past object(ification)s of desire engaged to appeal to their target demographic (Bros!) include Kate Upton undressing in a vintage cruiser, Kim Kardashian cooing on silk sheets, Paris Hilton trying her hand at manual labor, and Miss Turkey diverting attentions by poolside. For the release of its new Jim Beam Burger, Carl’s Jr. is going vintage, tapping into the nineties MILF phenomenon with a new spot featuring Heidi Klum. See the clip of the model feeding some pale young man in a riff on The Graduate, and the obligatory opinions of babbling heads on whether it’s appropriate for prime-time, down below.