Downtown Café Continues to Wage Pointless War With Food Trucks

Harvest & Rowe
Harvest & Rowe Photo: Yelp

Two years ago, several blogs reported on a scuffle between downtown salad spot Harvest and Rowe (55 2nd Street), and the JapaCurry truck. JapaCurry’s Jay Hamada, who’s gone on to open his own brick-and-mortar business Roku, had a permit at the time to park outside Harvest and Rowe, but owner Alison Rowe was fighting him tooth and nail. Now, Rowe’s business is back in the news because a coffee truck called Espresso Subito wants to move into the same spot, and is trying to get a permit. The debate once again is should the consumers be allowed to choose where they get their coffee or lunch, or do (arguably overpriced) downtown businesses have the right to protect their turf from mobile upstarts? ABC 7’s Mark Matthews is on the edge of his seat with the drama. [ABC7, Earlier]