New Google Service Provides Same-Day Grocery Delivery

Can he fill the void left by Google Reader?
Can he fill the void left by Google Reader? Photo: Google Shopping Express

Good-bye, Google Reader. Hello, awesome new service that ensures that humans never, ever have to get out of their pajamas and leave the house. Google Shopping Express will offer same-day delivery of food and other items purchased online. Right now, the six-month pilot program only extends to a small group of consumers in San Francisco and its suburbs, but if all goes well, it’ll expand. This venture is intended to “increase consumer reliance on the Internet,” as if we’re not already dependent and reliant enough. Like Amazon and eBay, all Google merchants will sell items through one website (Target and Walgreens have already signed on), but the convenience of same-day delivery puts Google well ahead of its competitors. Consumers won’t have to pay a surcharge for delivery during this test period, but that might not last as Google tries to figure out how to actually profit from this lofty endeavor. [Daily Intelligencer, AP]