Front-End Loader Plows Through a South Jersey Diner

Piston Diner before the crash.
Piston Diner before the crash. Photo: Piston Diner/Facebook

As this trend of people crashing vehicles into pizza places, coffee shops, convenience stores and other businesses dealing in food and beverages continues to spin wildly out of control, it seems as if the enormity of these incidents are escalating. Surely in a act of one-upmanship, a very ginned-up individual drove a stolen front-end loader through a diner in South Jersey yesterday, before quickly jumping into a getaway car and speeding off. Action News reports that shortly before midnight, the hefty utility vehicle, which was stolen from a nearby construction site, plowed through the front of the Piston Diner in Westville, Gloucester County. Miraculously, no one was hurt. Still, the abominable injuries to the diner didn’t go without insult. Turns out owner Jason Kramer recently reopened the diner after months of renovations. Police are dusting the empty liquor bottles found inside the loader’s cab to try and identify its inebriated operator. [Action News; Earlier]