Only 13 More Days Remain at the Original Franny’s in Brooklyn

The clam pie in the sky keeps on turning.
The clam pie in the sky keeps on turning. Photo: Hannah Whitaker

We were warned, and now Franny’s owners Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg have set a closing date for their influential and well-loved restaurant at 295 Flatbush Avenue, which isn’t disappearing off the face of the earth but rather moving and setting up shop within the larger digs at 348 Flatbush Avenue, formerly home to a sprawling Blockbuster store that never seemed to be able to keep Night on Earth in stock. The whole thing shuts down on March 24, the couple reports on Facebook, but here’s the good news: Franny’s 2.0, which will include more lunch hours and a takeout menu (consisting of pizzas only) in addition to more seats, has a targeted opening date of April 8. [Franny’s/Facebook, Earlier, Earlier]