How Pakistan and China Saved Fatburger

Huge in Lahore
Huge in Lahore Photo: Simon Doggett/Flickr

Fatburger, Southern California’s “other” famous burger chain, is thriving these days. Not necessarily due to its local popularity, so much as its widespread expansion into the overseas market. While the Double-Double maker expands at an extremely conservative pace, Fatburger is making a big splash with the middle class in countries like Pakistan and China.

In fact, most of Fatburger’s new stores are opening in other countries, with new locations currently planned in such recently liberated hot spots as Libya, Morocco, and Egypt. CEO Andy Wiederhorn tells HuffPo that this “tremendous international expansion…really saved our brand,” noting that Fatburger nearly hit the skids in the mid-aughts before clearing $100 million in sales last year. [Huff Po; Earlier]