Fast Food Chains’ Secret Menus Bypass Health Department Rules

Breakin' the law.

Good news for those seeking to gorge on quesaritos at Chipotle, Burger King's "Suicide Burger," and/or the McGangBang at McDonald's: New York City's strict rules for posting calorie counts on menu boards don't count, apparently, when it comes to secret menu items. The Health Department requires chains with fifteen or more locations to post nutritional info for items "listed or displayed on a menu board or menu," but what about the 1,500 calorie, cheese-quesadilla-wrapped burrito at Chipotle? Big loophole. The chain may officially disavow knowledge of the existence of quesaritos, but really, ignorance is bliss. Order super-calorifically to your heart's content, and just possibly to the chagrin of its arteries. [AdAge, Earlier]