Eva Ends Three-Year Run on Beverly

Mark Gold
Mark Gold Photo: Eva

In yet another bummer of a chef’s business going belly up, Mark Gold has closed his three-and-a-half-year-old Eva in West Hollywood. Despite critical acclaim and widespread national attention for a discount offer for turning in your cell-phone, Eva recently struggled with zoning permits and a few nosy neighbors, necessitating a bailout at the hands of its PayPal supporters. Apparently, those efforts have come to naught, as Eater reports this restaurant now permanently closed.

Gold, it seems, is selling his West Hollywood concept for a new project he’s partnering in in Manhattan Beach, to be unveiled in the coming weeks. The chef tells the blog, “Although we will miss eva, and find it to be a very special place with a certain warmth and charm, it was time to find something bigger.” [Eater]