Crime-Thwarting Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Sets New Customer-Service Standard

You go, girl. Go run on Dunkin'!

A shady dude driving a late-model white Ford Explorer tried to bust his way through the drive-through window of a West Haven, Connecticut, Dunkin' Donuts using a $100 bill as a ruse. After the still-at-large man ordered coffee and a doughnut shop employee named Angelica said she couldn't make change for the large bill, the man announced "this is a robbery" and started climbing into the shop. That's when Angelica doused him with decaf. "I did see his coffee that I made him," she told NBC, "so I looked at (it) quick, threw him the first one. Looked at the pots of coffee and threw the pot of coffee at him. That’s when he started running into his truck and then he left, and I said, 'Go run on Dunkin.'" West Haven police say they are searching for a man with a scorched face and a newfound hatred of Munchkins. [NBC Connecticut]