Dolphin Tavern Going Live Tonight; Boot & Saddle Encounters a Slight Setback

Once again, a beacon in the night over South Broad Street.
Once again, a beacon in the night over South Broad Street. Photo: Dolphin Tavern

South Broad Street’s Dolphin Tavern gets a new lease on life tonight, and empire builder Avram Hornik enlisted a small coalition of Philly hipster elite to make it happen. On board for tonight’s big debut are Dave P. from Making Time, Psydde Delicious from Delicious Boutique and Fast Cheap and Out of Control, Sean Agnew from R5 Productions and a stakeholder in Union Transfer. The doors open at 5:30 p.m. And while renovations have been underway inside the shuttered, old school nudie bar since Hornik et el. took control of it back in November, a rep for the project tells Grub that much of the space remains exactly the same. Unfortunately, it sounds like work at neighboring Boot & Saddle isn’t going quite as smooth.

While the Dolphin is cleared for take-off tonight with partner Dave P. handling the DJ-ing detail, and a host of performers with salacious stage names such as Melissa Bang-Bang and Violet Sweet, work at the long dormant Country and Western bar, Boot & Saddle, which Hornik and his Four Corners Management took over just a few blocks north, is currently on hold. L&I; has pasted up the dreaded candy-striped Cease Operations/Stop Work order on its exterior. Foobooz reports that it’s all due to the building’s landlord doing emergency repairs to the sewer pipe for the offices and apartments upstairs. Supposedly permits have been filed, work is expected to resume, but Boot & Saddle could be set back several weeks.

Dolphin Tavern, 1539 South Broad Street, (215) 278-7950.

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