Glatt Kosher Meat Scandal Roils Major Pico-Based Distributor

The RCC Photo: The Rabbinical Council of California

In a tale shrouded behind Kabbalah-levels of complication, a major supplier of kosher meat is stirring up the pot during Passover. The Rabbinical Council of California canceled its supervision of Doheny Glatt Kosher Meat on Pico Blvd. after the prime meat distributor’s owner was caught on video accepting meat from a mystery vehicle’s trunk at a Reseda McDonald’s. The unknown vehicle in question arrived from a warehouse that is not supervised by the strict rules of Glatt Kosher (where a Mashgiach is in charge of overseeing every step of the packing and delivery process). Later, the Doheny owner is shown retrieving boxes from his trunk at his Pico plant once the Mashgiach left the site, raising the question of where the meat comes from and its meeting of glatt kosher requirements.

An L.A. rabbi tells KTLA, “It seems that they’re bringing in some boxes that are not supposed to be there, and they’re bringing them in when the Mashgiach isn’t there — that’s very troubling.”

As a result, The Rabbinical Council of California sent out notice to those sitting down to Passover meals, informing them that kosher supervision had ceased at Doheny Glatt Kosher, but that meat purchased before 3:00 P.M. on Sunday “can be enjoyed on Yom Tov.”

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