Delta Pride Fish Co. Bringing Southern Seafood to Howard Hughes Center

Delta Pride Fish Co.
Delta Pride Fish Co. Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Two of L.A.’s white-hot trends—Southern cuisine and regional seafood—are merging together in a fast-casual environment as Delta Pride Fish Co. makes its way from its first location in Bellflower to new digs in Culver City, with a soon-to-open outpost at The Howard Hughes Center. The family-owned restaurant specializes in seafood from Mississippi, which translates into a menu of charbroiled, blackened, and fried fish, including shrimp, oysters, tilapia, salmon, and cat fish, as well as po’boys and gumbo with sides like hush puppies, mac and cheese, and chicken wings.

Yelp reviews, which culminate in a total of four stars, range from “The greatest tasting seafood I’ve ever had,” to “I will NOT be returning,” while O.C. blogger Pakajunk succinctly labels it “Good ass food.”

We’d be initially more jazzed about another Boiling Crab than a fired seafood specialist, but still, it probably beats pre-gaming for the movies at Islands again.