Watch Chris Cosentino Geek Out in a Promo Vid for His Upcoming Wolverine Comic


We had some warning a while back that chef Chris Cosentino was involved with Marvel Comics and their Wolverine franchise, and today we get a promo video for Wolverine #1 featuring the chef, who will serve as a writer on the title, discussing the character of Wolverine from the angle of his imagined, and observed, tastes in food. According to Cosentino, Wolverine likes sashimi, because of the time he spent training in Japan, but he also digs spaetzle and wild boar ragus. “The food world and Wolverine’s world have always collided,” he says. “It’s a really pretty beautiful marriage of sanity and insanity, and it’s all based around food.” Watch the whole thing, straight ahead.

Marvel AR: Chris Cosentino [Marvel via C.B. Cebulski/Twitter]
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