Chinese Authorities Reject and Destroy Ikea Cake and Nestlé Chocolate

Danger. Photo: Amazon.

China’s serious about cracking down on food-safety-law violators. Authorities annihilated two tons of Ikea cake and two tons of Nestlé chocolate bars because they didn’t meet food quality standards. Ikea’s chocolate almond cake had excessive levels of bacteria, and Nestle’s products contained too much sorbitol, a sweetener that if consumed in large amounts can cause bowel problems. The government’s setting higher food quality standards after a series of scandals: Pig blood passed off as duck blood, KFC laced with antibiotics, and several more incidents over the years, including exploding watermelons. It’s about time that China’s quarantine bureau stepped up its game to fight food contamination. [Earlier, Earlier, The Economist, QZ, AP]